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02Outlook 2021 for Latin America


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Ukraine War Intensifies Low-Carbon Supply-Chain Disruptions

Ukraine War Intensifies Low-Carbon Supply-Chain Disruptions

Decentralised Finance May Divide into Regulated and Unregulated

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Raises Risks for Some Emerging Markets

Latin American Corporates Top 10 What Investors Want to Know 2022

Stronger Dollar Remains a Risk for Emerging-Market Sovereigns

2022 Credit Outlook - Economic Recoveries Drive Global Financial Sector Outlooks in 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - Base Metals Demand Growth Supports Global Mining Sector Outlook

2022 Credit Outlook - Financial Discipline Supports Global Oil Gas Sector Outlook

2022 Credit Outlook - Policy Tightens but Sovereigns Outlook for 2022 is Improving

2022 Credit Outlook - Global Airline Outlook Improving but Material Risks Remain

2022 Credit Outlook - LatAm Banks See Credit Expansion, Manageable Credit Losses in 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - Global Home Price Growth to Slow in 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - Global Auto Conditions to Improve in 2022, Supply Chain Risk Exists

2022 Credit Outlook - Global Banking Regulation to Tighten for 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - Global Investment Managers Resilient to 2022 Challenges

2022 Credit Outlook - Latin American Corporates Well Positioned for Challenges Ahead

Effects of Historic Drought Vary Across Brazilian Corporates

Emerging Markets Central Banks Respond to Inflation Shock

LatAm Banking Systems Tested by Political and Social Unrest

Olympics Without Crowds to Cost Reinsurers USD300m-400m

Rating Assessment Service (RAS)

Fitch on Banking - A Cybersecurity Discussion with JP Morgan Chase & Co. and SecurityScorecard

Water, Air Quality, Energy, Biodiversity & Extreme Climate Issues to Affect Credits

Rating Outlooks for Financial Institutions Begin to Stabilize

FitchCast – Global Structured Finance Performance: A Year Into a Global Pandemic

Spectrum Outcomes to Shape 5G Priorities, Credit Trends

Fitch Long Term ESG Vulnerability Scores

LATAM Spotlight Series: New Cross-Border Issuers Span Multiple Sectors and Countries

ESG Impact on Strategy, Financing, Policies Will Grow in 2021

Home Price Growth to Stall Around the Globe in 2021

Latin America Sovereign Rating Pressures Persist into 2021

Coronavirus Dominates Global Sovereigns 2021 Outlook

Global Structured Finance 2021 Outlook

Mexican Energy - Update of Regional Trends and Credit Outlook

Rebound in Global Travel Will Be Gradual Despite Probable Vaccines

What is Next for Latin American Infrastructure?

Sports - A Credit Approach and the Road Back to the Games

Infrastructure and Growth - Challenges and Opportunities

Fitch Analyst's Roundtable - Covid-19 – A Global Panorama on Toll Road

2021 Credit Outlook Conferences - See it All Come Together in January 2021

Fitch on ESG-Considerations for Infrastructure Ratings Panel

Ratings Process

Telcos Worldwide to Ramp Up 5G Capex, Raising Pressure on Credit Profiles

Coronavirus Not the Only Challenge for Corporate Ratings

Coronavirus Spurs Material Increase in LATAM Corporate Fallen Angels

Investors and Corporates Perceive Future ESG Risks Differently

Latin American Corporates Hit Hard by Pandemic Lockdown

Corporates Face USD5 Trillion 2020 Revenue Loss from Crisis

Latam Oil & Gas See Profitability Hit Severely in 2020

LATAM Telecoms May Cut Capex Due to Coronavirus-Related Cash Burn

Extended Production Cuts to Raise LATAM Metal & Mining Rating Risk

Lure of Higher Inflows to Fuel ESG Fund Launches Post-Coronavirus

Coronavirus, Commodity Shocks Amplify Pressure on LatAm Sovereigns

Industry Faces Climate Transition Challenge

Latin American Corporates - Spotlight Series 2020

Fitch Ratings is the Leader in Latin America

LATAM Sovereign, Corporate Commodity Focus Ups Coronavirus-Linked Risk

Political Concern and Refinancing Risks – Key Findings from the Fitch Ratings-FinanceAsia 2020 Asia Credit Market Outlook survey

Global Sovereign Outlook 2020: Fitch’s View of the World

Global Sovereign Outlook 2020: Key Risks to Watch in 2020

Commodities and Trade Stress Latin America’s Vulnerability to China

FT-Fitch Global Banking Conference - The negative outlook across Latin America

Brazil's Rating Outlook Amid Sluggish Growth & Persistent Fiscal Challenges

Fitch Ratings is the Leader in Latin America - Mexico

Fitch Ratings is the Leader in Latin America - Brazil

2019 Latin American Corporates Spotlight: Credit Benchmark Series







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